The human resource philosophy of our banking unit is based on the trilogy: freedom-responsibility-equity.
Freedom : each person is free to pursue his/her career as they please, free to set the goals they want to achieve, free to accomplish them quickly or slowly, and free to leave them unachieved…
Responsibility: Refers to the importance our banking units give to the sense of responsibility. Actually, freedom breeds responsibility. While the organisation defines the conditions for an optimal boom and a franc social dialogue, it is the duty of each person to trace his path, define the pace at which he/she will follows and his/her career profile and reap the fruit of his/her labour.
 Equity: Each person is rewarded with respect to the risks and initiatives taken and the perseverance with which he/she supports and sells his ideas to the company to enrich it.
 According to our banking units there are only three ways to create wealth: work, knowledge and self-confidence. By joining the teams of our subsidiaries, you are signing up for:
  • Conditioning your social ascension by your dynamism and your hard work ;
  • Permanently reappraising your skills through continuous training because knowledge which is untrained declines;
  • Renouncing every form of complex and self-consciousness which hinder the march towards leadership.
Summarily, you are the sole architect of your career. You are free to work at your pace.