This platform is offered to you to trade securities, to fix public offering and to develop investments strategies.
 Our activities

  • Negotiating animation contracts
  • Stock exchange listing (issue of negotiable bonds and share)
  • Purchase and sales of securities
  • Portfolio management
  • Financial engineering
  • Collective management
  • Investments of financial instruments
  • Management of securities accounts and stocks’ savings accounts
  • Listed and over the counter trading
  • Listing of stock exchange orders
  • Transfers, deposits, and withdrawal of securities
  • Third parties’ back office management
  • States securities specialists
  • Securities’ custodians of foreign asset manager
  • Specific financial products

Our strengths

  • Our studies
  • advices
  • analysis
  • updated data base

Specialist available for you

  • The support from the greatest investment analysts
  • Analysis and decision making tools available for you
  • Direct access to worldwide financial platform.