Subscribe to Afriland First Bank cash voucher and make your savings work for you from 3 to 24 months. The cash voucher is a secure savings note that is returned to the investor at a given date with interest. The interests of savings certificates are transferable to the subscription or due. Rest assured that you have just the minimum necessary to fulfill your needs during the period in which your savings is blocked.

  • Only available for individuals
  • Minimum subscribing amount : 10 000 000 FCFA
  • Minimum period : 3 months 
  • Maximum period : 2years
  • Applied rate : 3%
  • Interests: payable at the subscription or at maturity.
  • Your interests are tax free of charges and available when you subscribe
  •  Your savings are protected because its untouchable for a pre-defined period
  •  No bank account required
  •  Your savings stay confidential: the cash voucher can be anonymous or named.