On 18 February 2016, the leading national bank organized a business dinner at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel to shed light on its support tools. 

Twenty-seven years after its establishment, Afriland First Bank has more than 150,000 customers, 36 branches in the ten regions of the country and representations in 12 countries worldwide. By making public its trading results, the bank wanted to honour the persons who contributed to such success. Last 18 February, a business dinner was organized at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel in honour of the bank’s customers and partners. The idea was to celebrate “the pact with success”, which was achieved thanks to the fidelity of its customers. This was a tradition according Mr Alphonse Nafack, General Manager of Afriland First Bank, who stated that “In our tradition, sharing in the family is a moment of communion and exchange of ideas”. Customers and officials of the bank exchanged ideas on all aspects of the daily life of the bank, in a view to improving performance and efficiency. Afriland First Bank is the first enterprise-oriented bank, leader in terms of innovation and the first banking institution with a majority private capital. In addition, Afriland First Bank is pioneer in venture capital and Islamic finance, leading bank in terms of resources mobilized and liquidities, and the first bank in Cameroon to launch simultaneously the international VISA and MasterCard. Such results helped Afriland First Bank to top the chart in the banking market whose performance in terms of deposits mobilized in the past years show a sustained growth from 372 to about 600 billion CFA francs between 2009 and 2013; the loans package experienced a net increase from 236 to about 400 billion over the same period. The overall balance sheet representing all the assets managed by the bank stands, to date, at more than 700 billion. While lauding the ground covered this far and the results obtained, Mr Alphonse Nafack and his entire team are nursing a single dream, that of making Afriland First Bank the “African bank of the millennium”.



Guy Laurent Fondjo: “The dinner is moment for sharing in the African tradition”

The Centre Regional Manager revisits the specifics of the meeting with customers of First Bank.