Flash Cash: The solution « First » for the security of your savings

1. It protects your savings against:

  • Theft: with Flash Cash, you do not need to resist attacks by thieves; they cannot touch your savings. 
  • Loss: you can recover your money even if you lose your Flash Cash.
  • Demonetisation: with Flash Card, your money does not lose its value.

2. It facilitates your payments
you can make your contributions, pay for your purchases or pay your debts

3. It ensures the liquidity and permanent availability of your savings

  • Flash Cash is available in CFA F 5 000, 25 000, 50 000, 100 000, 300 000, 500 000 and 1 000 000 notes
  • Through its special conception on special paper that is impossible to forge, Flash Cash enables you to transport cash without problems of bulk
  • While travelling, while asleep, during your transactions, Flash Cash frees you from stress related to congestion, theft and diverse risks. 

Flash Cash can be paid:

  • At all First Bank counters;
  • At our partners’;
  • In rural areas with the MC2/MUFFA network.