No more cash manipulation to pay for your shopping! Pay securely with your card via our electronic payment terminal. It's completely free when you use your Icard.

The solution for the security

of your card payments

What is an electronic payment terminal?

The electronic payment terminal (EPT) is an electronic device used to pay for your purchase with you bank card.

What are my benefits?

  • Vast network of partners: more than 300 merchants at your disposal such as Hotels, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, bakeries,  Hardware stores...
  • Secure payment via your Code Pin;
  • Keep track of your expenses with the receipt you get after each transaction;
  • Check your card balance;
  • Withdraw unlimited amount of money via our in-branch Cash Advance service;

Bank cards accepted: I-Card, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

How much does a transaction cost?

It's FREE for all transactions made with an Afriland First Bank card (Fellow, Partner, Icard Plus, Visa or Mastercard)


How do I use it?

It's simple and user-friendly in three steps:

  1. Insert your card in the slot provided depending on its type: band or chip as shown below;

          2. Type in the payment amount  (by the cashier)

          3. Type in your card Pin code (by the client)

At the end of the transaction, the terminal prints out two tickets: one for you and one for the cashier.