Are you a civil servant or working in the private sector or an institution?
Benefit from the numerous financing opportunities we are putting at your disposal.

Seasonal loans

  • school loans,
  • loans for religious festivities,
  • end of year loans…

Conventional loan

  • Overdraft,
  • Short term loan,
  • Middle term loan,
  • Housing loan.


  • Your salary is paid into your current account;
  • Application form highlighting the loan amount, its purpose and the sources of repayment;
  • Certificate of irrevocable transfer;
  • Certificate of work attendance;
  • For employees of the public sector, at least 1 month of service, for employees of the private sector, at least 6 months of service (provide a working certificate, working contract and 3 last pay cheque)
  • You must have been a client of the bank for at least one month prior to your application. If you are employed in the private sector, you must have been a client for at least 3 months;
  • If you are applying for an overdraft,  join a confirmation to Malaika insurance policy subscription;
  • If you are applying for a long, medium or short term loan, join a confirmation to an AID insurance policy subscription. .