Hold an Afrilanf First Bank account and enjoy the freedom of making all your basic transactions at no extra cost, pay your bills or expenses, manage your account and domicile your income from all sources.

For whom?
The current account is for anyone, aged 21 and over, or a minor with
the consent of a legal representative) residing in Cameroon and legally able.
A client can hold more than one account.
  • Minimum opening balance of XAF 50.000;
  • No minimum operating balance (account can be operated at zero balance);
  • No limit to number of withdrawals in a month;
  • No account maintenance fee and other charges;
  • Funds transfer and bank cheques/drafts allowed on account;
  • Inter-branch transactions - account owner and third parties are allowed.
With your current acount, you can
  • Have your salary and other sources of income directly paid into it;
  • Choose your means of payment: Card with an automatic renewal or on request;
  • Benefit from an overdraft to cater for rainy days;
  • Access for any of the numerous bank's products;
  • Receive your bank statement by email;
  • Check and manage your account online 24/7;
  • Allow you to do all banking transactions without restrictions;
  • No fees levied on the account.



Account opening requirements
  • A certified copy of your ID;
  • 2 passports size photos;
  • A localisation plan;
  • A certificate of lease (electricity bill, water bill, phone bill or a leasing contract);
  • A document justifying your source of income.