The Islamic Deposit Account (IDA) functions with respect to Islamic tenets that is, it does not generate interest and no agio is charged. It works with a passbook.


It is a product specific to Afriland Frist Bank. It was set up with the aim to familiarise people from muslim confession to banking products and give pilgrims the opportunity to save money to prepare for their Mecca pilgrimage. It stems from the precepts of the Islamic religion and is interst and commission free.


  • Passbook to follow-up your transactions ;
  • Open to natural and legal persons;
  • Initial minimum deposit of XAF 100 000 francs;
  • Permanent minimum balance of XAF 25 000 francs;
  • Authorized transactions: deposits, withdrawals, cheques remittances and transfers to and by order of the account holder ;
  • No interest, no bank charges.


  • Gradually save your money to prepare for the pilgrimage to Mecca;
  • Give the possibility to the less fortunate to go to Mecca.

Account opening requirements


Provide :

  •  2 passport sized 4x4 pictures;
  •  A certified copy of NIC and the original or passport ;
  •  Residence certificate (electricity/water/house telephone bill);
  • Location plan of residence.