Embassies and international bodies, we do think about you. The quality of service at Afriland First Bank depends on vast infrastructure and receptive personnel.

 Welcome to our bank:

  • Open your salary accounts and get a preferential funding rate for your salaried employees;
  • Open a savings account with Afriland First Bank and benefit from suitable support. Associations and NGOs, Afriland First Bank offers you the well-tailored services.

Open your savings account with the following:

  • A certified copy of the declaration of the association receipt or the authorisation from the Ministry (Associations and NGOSs).
  • The minutes of the GA authorising the opening of the account at Afriland First Bank
  • The minutes appointing signatory members and payment modalities.
  • A copy of the laws and standing orders duly signed.
  • The attendance sheet of members at the General Assembly, signed by each member

 CIGs should equally provide the following:

  • A legalised attestation of the declaration of the COOPCIG.
  • Bank account dues amount to 2 000 + VAT per semester