Afriland First Bank Cameroon is reputed for being a forerunner in the participation of Cameroonians in the privatization process. We are indeed convinced that any development process is doomed to failure as long as it does not have an endogenous backing. We believe that you cannot gauge the capacity of an individual or a buyer without having seen him at work. It is in this light that Afriland First Bank sponsored the establishment of a venture capital fund by Cameroonian businessmen, referred to as Société Africaine de Participation (SAPA). The fund took part in the privatization of the Cameroon lighterage company (SOCAMAC), restructured same and resold it to GEODIS.

SAPA has also contributed to the establishment of enterprises, including Société d'Assurances et de Réassurances (SAAR), Société Africaine de Promotion Immobilière (SAPI), the African publishing company Africaine d’Edition (AFREDIT),  AGES (a security company) and acquired holdings in several companies with a high-growth potential.