Over the years, and because of excellent liquidity, we have initiated banking syndicates which have funded projects of huge enterprises in the Central African Sub-Region. Also, we have responded favourably to the requests of fellow colleagues as concerns syndicated credits. With the support of our strategic partners, we are in a position to comfortably satisfy the most demanding financial needs of huge enterprises through syndicate loans. Discover a panorama of our recent services as concerns syndicated credits:

  • 2015: The participation of a syndicate of banks including the Afriland First Bank for refunding SONARA, with an amount of 143.5 billion CFA F ;
  • 2014 : the contribution of an aid of 10 billion in a syndicated loan of 35.5 billion for the Cotton Development Cooperation (SODECOTON), a Cameroonian para-statal company, for the launching of the cotton campaign;
  • 2012: Afriland First Bank contributes to a funding syndicate by contributing 2 billion on a total of 6 billion CFA F to the Cameroon housing company in a bid to fund the construction of low-cost housing.