Savings booklet to keep record of your transactions ;
  •  Initial deposit : 100 000 Frs
  •  Minimum balance : 25 000 Frs
  • Allowed transactions : deposit, withdrawal, cheque deposit and transfers in favour of the account holder’s name
  • No interest or charges
Account Opening requirements for Associations
2 passport size photos
Certified copy of every proxy’s ID
Localization plan of all the proxies
Certified copy of the association declaration receipt
Certified copy of the ministry’s authorization
General assembly’s official report allowing the opening of the account at Afriland First Bank
official report specifying proxies and payment conditions
the association’s statutes and rules and regulations
Attendance list at the recent general assembly signed by every member.
Requirements for companies
A valid trade register
A valid taxpayer certificate
A taxpayer card
Company’s statute
Official report of the last general assembly
Recent financial statements if available
Localisation plan of the company
General assembly’s official report designating the company’s manager
The last electricity or water bill
2 passports size photos of all proxies
Certified of all proxies’ ID
Localisation plan of all proxies.
Provide the same required documents as for an association and add:
A certified declaration proof at the COOPGIC