MUFFA (African Women’s Mutual Finance) was born through the will to provide African women who are underprivileged or working in the informal sector with financial instruments which will enable them meet their individual domestic needs.


  • Help the low income woman to be conscious of her organizational, managerial and developmental skills to make solutions appropriate to the socio-economic challenges they face;
  • Set up a conducive environment for the emergence and development of the micro entrepreneur woman for her self- progress, that of her familiy and humanity as a whole;
  • Structure and channel the economic potentials for low income women to make them instrumental in the fight against poverty.

Who can become a member of MUFFA?

  • Women of all social categories;
  • Feminine associations and NGOs;
  • All types of women-lead companies .

How can you become a member of MUFFA?

  • By paying a fixed membership fee of 2000 FCFA ;
  • By liberating 10 partnership shares, be it XAF francs10 000 by signing the MUFFA golden book