The Micro Trust Fund (MITFUND) was created in 1998 through the partnershipl of KAFINVEST and Afriland First Bank, to meet the funding needs of small businesses in the Central African sub-region.

Fields of expertise

This aimed at improving the living standards of Cameroonians and wealth development. Various fields of activities were considered for the success of the venture, such as

  • Animal breeding ;
  • Lapidary cutting ;
  • Pisciculture ;
  • Petty trade ;
  • Agriculture ;
  • Transforming basic products ;
  • Rural personal hygiene products ;
  • Sand extraction.

Methods of intervention

The interventions of MITFUND are varied and can take the following forms :

  • Financing the corporate actions of small businesses ;
  • Financing applied research in the sector of small businesses ;
  • Training mircro-entrepreneurs.

The support MITFUND offers varies between 1 and 5years and its support fluctuates between XAF francs 100 000 and XAF francs 5.000.000 per project. The resources placed at the disposal of your micro-enterprise are no guarantee. At the end of the partnership, MITFUND withdraws from the project by selling its shares to the entrepreneurs or any chosen and willing person