Mot du président

We stand poised to maintain our leadership in all market segments despite headwinds

As we enter the final stretch of our 2016-2020 Strategic Development Plan dubbed ‘Reinventing the future’, all prudential ratios prescribed by the regulator are being complied with, risks are increasingly being controlled and the highly dedicated staff is taking a greater part in the bank's growth. As for profitability, our results have improved remarkably. Our leadership and sustainability are also reflected in the outstanding and steady growth of our total balance sheet, which is evidence of our efficiency in increasing banking penetration nationwide. Our digital transformation has enhanced customer autonomy through new channels. Meanwhile, we have multiplied traditional channels, expanding our branch network to enable as many people as possible to access banking services.

These performances have been achieved against a highly challenging environment. The economic climate has been counter-intuitive, both internationally and domestically. On the one hand, the multifaceted Covid-19 crisis led to a slowdown in 2020 that will probably continue into 2021. On the other hand, the country is facing persistent security challenges which are a burden on its economy. This, combined with volatile commodity prices and the stiff competition prevailing in the banking sector, urges us to redouble our efforts. The hurdles we are currently facing as part of the 2016-2020 development plan are not over yet. The ever-changing world, the global economic situation and security challenges are compelling reasons to remain vigilant and to identify the strategic levers on which to act in the coming years. We stand poised to maintain our leadership in all market segments despite headwinds.