As Millenium is an insurance savings plan that guarantees the finance of your children school fees whatever hasards life throws at you. 

Subscription conditions

  • Fill in the subscription form available from our customer services agents in all Afriland First Bank branches;
  • Provide a copy of the subscriber / insured ID (aged 21 and over)

3 good reasons to choose As Millenium

  • Competitive interest rates: the savings interest rates is higher than that of a conventional savings account (up to 5,75% depending on the duration fo the contract);
  • Réactivité : Face the ever increasing school/ university fees with peace of mind;
  • Providence : Get ahead of life hasards sucha ss illness, job loss, accidental death, permaent or partial disability occuring during the life of the contract.

The guarantees

  • In case of hospitalisation, you will get a daily allowance for up to  a maximum of 90 days per year;
  • If your child does not reach university, a capital lump sum will be given to him to start up another activity to build up his life
  • In case of a death by accident, an additional capital would be paid to the beneficiaries
  • In case of unemployment during the term of the contract, SAAR-VIE will pay your insurance premium for a maximum of 12 months
  • In case of death or permanent disability occurring during the term of the contract, SAAR-VIE will continue to pay your insurance premiums until the end of the contract.