Is your family welfare important to you?  Have you ever wondered how they would cope should you disappeared today?


AKIBA is an insurance product that gives you the possibility, thanks to a sum insured, to offer your family the help they need to manage current and exceptional life expenses such as loan repayment, children education expenses, heritage rights, in case of death of the life insured.

Subscription conditions

  • Be the owner of an Afriland First Bank savings account;
  • Be aged between 21 and 64 years old on the date of subscription


The insurer guarantees all risks regardless of the place and causes of death subjects to the provisions of the contract.

4 good reasons to choose AKIBA
  • Peace: your family would be able to face the loss of their source of income and handle their life expenses (rent, school fees or heritage right) if you die unexpectedly;
  • Competitive price: you offer your family the maximum of security for a modest annual premium;
  • Flexibility: all the cards are in your hands, you decide on:
  • The amount of the sum insured depending on your needs and means;
  • Your beneficiary (ies);
  • Transparency: you know in advance what your beneficiary will get. At Afriland First Bank, your premium stays fixed during the whole contract duration.